Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Monthly Favorites: January

Okay so this is the first in a series of blogs that I'm going post monthly on the products that I have loved and used for the majority of the month (so that means if I have got products right at the end of the month sadly no matter how good they are they won't be shown in this). So my first group of products I've loved are my lip products.

Left to Right, Gilly Hicks Lipcolor in Dahlia, Mac Dazzleglass in Glitter and Ice, L'Oreal Intense Lipstick in Pink Passion, Laqa & Co Fat Lip Pencil in Wolfman, Lush Lip Scrub in Bubblegum

I chose the Gilly Hicks Lipcolor because I wear this literally everyday and it's such a great natural lip colour, it matches my lips so well!! I got the mac dazzleglass for christmas and love,love,love it, I love nudes in makeup and this is such a great nudey-beige lipgloss with the bonus amazing glitter. I chose this L'Oreal Lipstick as it is such a great bright colour for going out and giving a bit of POP to your look, it's also super creamy and moisturizing. I also got the Laqa and Co Lip Pencil for christmas and I love it, as well as nudes in makeup, I love really light pinks like this, although this lip pencil isn't very hard wearing and smells quite funny. Finally I threw the Lush Lipscrub in here because it smells aaamazing and is made of sugar so it is totally edible, it just gets your lips so super smooth and chap free.
Next up, face products.

 Left to right, Collection 2000 lasting perfection concealer in Light, Mac mineralize skinfinish natural in Light Plus,Garnier BB cream in Light
Left to right, Garnier BB Cream, Mac Mineralize Skinfinish Natural, Collection 2000 lasting perfection concealer

These products I have used pretty much everyday without a doubt during the whole of January and they are all actually products brought newly in January! The concealer is the best concealer I have ever used and if you can I strongly advise you to get your hands on this little monster as you won't regret it! The powder is so nice and smooth, if not a shade a tad to light for my skin, but still gives great light coverage results for everyday wear. Finally the Garnier BB cream is just so nice and is basically a tinted moisturizer but with that little extra 'kick' and again great for everyday light coverage results. 
Next, cheeks.

Nars Blush in Super Orgasm
I only have one cheek product this month which is a blusher which is actually surprising because I have been obsessed with blushers lately. I brought one right at the beginning which was awful (check bottom of this post) and then I got this and I also really want two from mac and one from sleek but it's never in stock... and the mac ones are expensive so I have to think about it before making the investment. This blush is so nice and shimmery but I just wish the blusher's glitter transferred onto my cheeks better!  This colour is a tad to bold for every day use but great for weekends. 
Finally, here are my favorite eye products.

They're Real Benefit Mascara, Mac paint pot in Painterly, Mac eyeshadow in Charcoal Brown Matte
Left to right, Mac eyeshadow in Charcoal Brown Matte and Mac Paint Pot in Painterly

The Benefit Mascara, They're Real, is their latest addition to their collection and is so nice. I, as I have mentioned so many times, am so picky about mascaras and this one is really nice, it gives me great definition and length, I love it! I have worn it literally everyday this month. These other two eyeshadows are so great especially together and I will definitely be doing an Eye of the Day with them soon! 

Now sadly for my Worst products...

Left to Right, Maybelline Expertwear Blush in Rosewood, Benefit High Beam, L'Oreal Concealer in Vanilla

Okay so firstly the Maybelline blusher is awful!! It has absolutely no pigmentation what so ever and doesn't even show up on my skin...I don't even know how they can sell a product like this.... definitely a hate of January! Secondly the L'Oreal concealer is just really bad and doesn't give you any coverage, it also doesn't have a peachy undertone so will not match anyones skin tone... Finally Benefit High Beam, now I felt like this had to have a mention in this post somewhere, however I've only discovered a way to make this product work and give results right at the end of the month so haven't liked it for long enough to really be able to put in my favorites part. Although before I found out this method of application I absolutely hated this product so I thought I should put it in worst products, I'm sure you'll be seeing it in next months favorites however so don't worry!

Full Reviews of some of the products mentioned:

What were your January Favorites?

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  1. Hey Hannah - I might even do a monthly favourites on my blog, so thanks for the idea.
    My favourite eye products for January were definitely Buxom Loud Mascara, Buxom Insider eyeliner, Maybelline 24Hour Colour Tattoo eyeshadow in Audacious Asphalt and Kat Von D eyeshadow palette in Sinner.
    Best lip product was Hard Candy Mouthing Off in Au Natural.
    Face was absolutely Tarte blush in Tipsy - I love it so much and use it daily.

    1. Hey Kori!
      No problem hun! You are so lucky that you can get those maybelline eyeshadows, I want them so bad!
      That lipgloss looks so lovely, would love to try it out someday!
      Yes those blushes are so nice!

  2. Hey spange! Big up to the MAC msf and benefits high beam! They would so make my jan faves! Xxxxx

    1. Hey Han!
      Yes they have done me proud this month !! Such good little stars they are, hehe

  3. M introduced me to lush and one of the first things i bought was the lip scrub, its amazing!
    Also I'm a big fan of high beam, wear it every day :)

    1. Yeah its so good, my friend got it for her birthday and after trying hers out I loved it!! So nice!
      Yes i love high beam so nice!!

  4. I've been loving that BB cream too! :)