Monday, 30 January 2012

Review: Garnier B.B. Cream Miracle Skin Perfector

in Light

Now I'm sure you have all heard about B.B. cream as it has been the craze of the moment lately. It has been a huge hit in Asia and has recently been brought to the UK and America where it has been an instant best seller. B.B stands for blemish balm and the cream is meant to 'even tone and boost glow, blur imperfections, smooth lines, give 24hr hydration, and has SPF 15'   It has a recommended age use of between under 20 to 40 and is basically a tinted moisturizer but with that little extra..boost.

It comes in a 50ml small tube which fits into a makeup bag perfectly. I did however think it being this size would mean it would run out quickly but I've had it over three weeks now and have worn it pretty much everyday and it hasn't shown any signs of running out anytime soon. It has a peachy tone to it (check out my concealer review where I expressed the importance for this here) so it blends in with my skin tone really well. It only has a very light coverage so it won't hide any blemishes but it will cover any kind of blotchy-ness on your skin and dull the redness of those spots. It just gives you a really nice overall even skin-tone and with a small bit of concealer you cant go wrong. This being called 'blemish balm' however led me to believe it would help get rid of my spots and be better for my skin then foundation but  it hasn't really helped that, my existing spots haven't gone (yes they haven't gotten bigger either) and I have gained yet more smaller spots. So I do believe on the skin front it's better to use my mac powder although this does give me a guilty-free feeling and it is very moisturizing so I'm drawn between the two! Which should I wear on a everyday basis?? Heeelp

In these pictures (before and after) it doesn't really show much difference but in real life my skin looks a lot smoother and even and I have a much healthier skin tone.



This product costs around £7.49 and I don't actually know if I would buy it again, yes its good and has done what it says it's meant to on the box but I don't know if prefer powder then tinted moisturizer so I'm a bit drawn between two products at the moment. It does have a good staying power but you will need to top up on concealer if you want a day long flawless coverage. 

Have any of you tried bb cream? What did you think?

Ditzy Doll

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Review: Nars Blush

In Super Orgasm

I know you have all heard of Nars Orgasm as it has been the craze blush of the year, everyone has been raving about. A couple of weeks ago I went shopping and saw it in SpaceNK, I asked the assisant if I could buy it so she went and got one for me and wrapped it up in a little bag for me. Sadly when I got home I found out she had actually given me super orgasm. I wasn't too upset though because they are so similar.

I loved this colour because it was so shimmery and glittery but sadly the glitter doesn't actually transfer onto my cheeks that well so it isn't actually glittery when worn. It is however very pigmented which is good and I absolutely love the packaging. Nars have such nice sleek matte black cases which is just so classy and nice. It is a very strong colour so can only really be worn when going out or on special occasions and is a very summery colour so it makes me so excited for july when I just look at it.

As you can see there is no glitter on my cheeks which is so disappointing.

In all it costs £20.50 and I don't think I'll be buying it again but I definitely want to try 'orgasm' when this one runs out. Don't get me wrong though, I love this blusher its such a nice colour and lasting effect but I just wish the glitter actually came through onto my cheeks.

Do you know any good glitter blushes?

Ditzy Doll

Saturday, 28 January 2012

Review: Benefit Watt's Up

I first found out about this when I went to my friend's house and one of my friends was doing her make up there and I asked her what it was and she said 'try it out, you'll like it! Just put it on your cheek bones and blend with the smugger' and passed it to me. I put it on and at first didn't really see much difference but as soon as my cheeks hit the light they had such a nice shimmery champagne glow to them. So I went home and put it on my christmas list and my granny actually gave it to me for my birthday.

So it basically is a 'soft focus highlighter' and is in the most gorgeous shimmery champagne colour. It also comes with a small round sponge on the bottom, which, for a built in makeup tool, is surprisingly good, it's so soft and bouncy. I love the packaging for this product, its so nice and not too 'glarey' as some benefit products can be. It's in fact very tasteful. It is very pigmented and sososososo shimmery which I LOVE. It's also very easy to apply and quick, just glide and blend. I apply mine along my cheek bones, along and above my temples and lightly on my brow bones. It does exactly what it is meant to do and I  give it very high creds. It does however give a quite dark/mid tone highlight, due to it being a champagne colour, whereas high beam gives a much brighter and lighter highlight so for the moment in the winter I'm using highbeam but in summer this will go really nicely with bronzer so I'll wear it once it gets hotter.  I've tried my hardest to photograph it's effect but it was quite hard to get the lighting right so this is the best I could do...

It retails at £24.50 and at the moment I don't know if I'd buy it again, I think I'll have to wait till the summer when I where it everyday to know. So watch out for my summer months monthly favorites and if it's in there then that will probably mean I'd buy it again if not then I probably wouldn't. 

What Highlighters do you use?

Ditzy Doll

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Review: L'Oreal Colour Riche Made For Me Lipstick

In Intense Pink Passion

I've been wanting a bright pink lipstick for a while now but knew I would only wear it on occasion so didn't really want to spend lots of money on it. I was lucky enough to find this L'Oreal one in my local supermarket in their 'bargain bucket' for just £1.50 and of course snapped it up quickly before anyone else could. It was the exact colour I had visioned just a really bright pink. The one thing I did notice about it though was it said 'brunette' on the lid, and I am quite the opposite and extremely fair. I was worried this would be a problem and the colour would not suite me but there was no need to worry it looked absolutely fine so by all means don't be put off by their colouring labels there only rough guidelines.

In this picture it doesn't really do the lipstick justice, it's showing it as more of a baby bright pink but it is actually a lot more of a hot bright pink!
This colour is so nicely pigmented and super creamy which makes it so moisturizing. It also smells amazing!! Of parma violets, yum my fave!! It doesn't really taste of much though. It has a sharp point at the tip of the 'stick' which can also be really useful for lining your lips before application. It goes on so creamy and smoothly and as I said before is super moisturizing. If applied really lightly and rubbed in it also makes a really nice baby pink colour.

Sadly in all of these pictures it's coming up like a baby pink rather then a hot pink so just imagine. So all in all I am super glad I got this product and I absolutely love it! It lasts ages as well so big thumbs up! It is retailed at £8.19 and even though I got it for considerably less I would definitely be willing to pay the full price for it, its totally worth it!!! The line comes in a range of 8 colours and I will be sure to try out the others in due course.

Have you tried any of the L'Oreal Color Riche Lipsticks? How did they compare for you?

Ditzy Doll

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Review: L'Oreal and Collection 2000 Concealer

L'Oreal True Match Concealer in Vanilla and Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer in Light

Hey guys, I'm reviewing two products for you today as I feel like lately I've been only doing bad reviews so I thought I'd throw in a good product in this review to cheer it up a bit! So firstly, L'Oreal true match concealer, this one I brought first on a trip to my local supermarket. I got it because I was bored of using my current concealer, benefit erase paste, as I like change and like to swap my beauty products around every now and then I thought I should get a new one. I saw this one and decided to get it as L'Oreal has always pleased me, I've never had any shocker products from there before.

The other one I got was Collection 200 Lasting Perfection Concealer which I brought after the L'Oreal one. I got this one from superdrug and chose it because I've heard so many people rave over this so  I was really excited to try it out. I have never really tried much Collect 2000 products before so wasn't expecting much but thought I would give it a go.

I'll start with the L'Oreal one, this was literally the worst concealer I have ever tried. I was really disappointed with L'Oreal and will now buy their products with caution. It has a very watery consistency and when applied it just dissolves into your skin not covering anything up. On the bottle it says 'skin tone matching correcting concealer' which basically means if the colour is slightly off your actually skin colour then it will adjust it's self to suit you. If by saying this they mean it just disappears into your skin and doesn't do anything then yes it does that very well. Also the colour range is really bad for this because when buying a concealer you want it to be quite pinky as your skin isn't actually completely 'nude' it has pink undertones and in having a pinky concealer it will work with you skin much much much better. This concealer is just very disappointing and I don't recommend it to anyone, infact I recommend staying as far away from it as possible.
As for the Collection 2000 one, this is a whole new story. This is probably the best concealer I've used. I'm raving over it like crazy. It's so good. The colour suits my skin so well (looks a tad dark in the swatch, not sure why) It has a really nice thick consistency which makes it really good for covering but does make it a tad heavy on the skin. It, as I mentioned above as being important, has a slightly pinky/peachy touch to it which makes it blend to your skin really well. It also works really well as an under eye concealer so now space isn't taken up in my makeup bag with my Garnier Anti-Dark Circles Tinted eye roll on (it actually works better then it). I also am now not caking my face with products, because I used to have to put a redness reducing green concealer on underneath my erase paste but due to this miraculous concealer I no longer need to, so definitely pluses on the skin care front. It is supposedly meant to last 16 hours and it definitely doesn't give you the full coverage all this time but there is still enough product left to dull the redness and make your spots less obvious.

wow loooong paragraph ^ apologies

Before Blending

After Blending 

Top line Collect 2000 bottom line L'Oreal

The L'Oreal concealer costs £6.99 and although that is relatively cheap its NOT worth it. Just no. As for the Collection 2000 concealer this one costs £4.19, not only is it cheaper but its 10 billion times better!! I can't stress enough how good this concealer is. I will be buying this over and over again, it has definitely got a secure first class seat in my makeup bag. 

Thought I'd just show you my new jammys that I got in the topshop sale yesterday, reduced from £28 to £7, bargain. They are so cuuute, I'm in bed right now in them, there my new cosy clothes, I put them on as soon as I got home.

Grabbed anything nice in the january sales?

Ditzy Doll

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Review: Maybelline Expert Wear Blusher

in Rosewood

I got this blusher on a trip to my local supermarket a couple weeks back. I actually went to get their dream soft blusher but they didn't have the colour I wanted. So instead I got this as its a really lovely light rosey pink, very neutral and easy for everyday wear.

This product was actually very disappointing and when put on it is barely visible, it takes about five layers before you can even notice it. There for it doesn't last at all. When swatched on my hand, just like my face, it is barely noticeable. The colour also has no shimmer or glitter which I was looking forward to because I want a matte blush for everyday wear and a shimmer for going out or evening wear but I guess I'll have to wait because this is definitely not the ticket. 

This product retails at £5.19 and comes in five shades. I have only tried this one shade and am sure the others could be better then this one but I won't be repurchasing this in a longtime and definitely not in this colour.

Have any of you tried this? How did it work for you?

Ditzy Doll

Monday, 23 January 2012

Review: Benefit BADgal liner waterproof

in black

Hey again, another birthday product for you guys today. I was so happy when I got this as I had wanted it for ridiculously long, I had brought it once ages ago and lost it the next day (d'oohh) I wasn't expecting to get it and was super excited when I did! I had heard such good things about this and couldn't wait to try it out!

I prefer to use liquid liner or gel on my upper lids so I only wanted this kohl liner for my waterline, so the blender wasn't important to me. Now I chose this product because I believed, it being waterproof and all, that it would be really strong and long lasting. This product however was very disappointing. It goes on very faint and more grey then black and I have to layer it on before its even strong enough to be noticeable. Then within an hour most of it has worn off.... whereas when swatched it shows up really dark and strong.... maybe its better for upper lids and that was all it was designed for?

This product costs £14 and all in all I can assure you I won't be buying it again. I will be sticking to my trusty and much cheaper £4 Topshop one. 

Have any of you tried this? And how did you find it? 

Ditzy Doll

Saturday, 21 January 2012

It's a Ditzy Daydream

Hey guys, so I'm at my sister's house and can't very easily do a review so instead I'm going to talk about those things I've been lusting over lately!

First up isn't an individual product but a brand I recently found out about and I wanna try out, Lily Lolo, a makeup brand. They make mineral makeup and have the CUTEST packaging! And as a bonus they are animal cruelty free and are against animal testing - Definitely a bonus in my book! Their makeup is at a midrange price as it costs more then a drugstore company but less then high-end brand.

The main product I want to try out is their mineral concealer here as I have never tried one before and I feel they might be better for my skin! Another thing I love is their white brush case which is so lovely but can be only bought with a whole load of brushes as well which is such a pain.. as I already have most of the brushes I want!

My Second thing I want to try out and I'm sure you've all heard of these is the Glossybox! If you are from America you may know of Birchbox? These are monthly packages that incline five high-end beauty samples for you to try out before spending your money! They cost £10 pounds a month which I think is a really good deal because sometimes you get full size products that would normally cost around £17 and more for only £10 so you are actually getting you money back! The packing is so nice and classy. They come in a little pink box and are then wrapped in tissue paper! You also get a card explaining the products and telling you their full price.

Finally I want to talk about something that has been huge in the US lately, the Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush, they are literally so cool!! When I first saw them my mouth dropped wide open, they are like a memory foam mattress but a blusher!! You can push them down and they'll bounce right back up again! They have a powder-gel formulation so it goes on almost like a cream but dries as a powder, just want I've been looking for! They come in 10 different shades but the colour I'm lusting over is 'pink  frosting' ! Sadly they are only available in america at the moment but hopefully they will be released in the UK soon!! They currently retail at $7.99 which is around £5. The only problem I have with these though are their size.. they are very small and look more like an eyeshadow then a blush.

Have any of you tried these products? What did you think? 

Ditzy Doll 

Friday, 20 January 2012

Review: MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural

In light plus

Heya Guys, how's it going? So I got this product for my birthday from a family friend and love it! I've been wanting it for ageeeesssss and finally got my mitts on it! I was so happy and couldn't wait to try it out! It is a powder that is supposed to matte your face and set your foundation, it is meant to have little coverage and look natural!

From the moment I first used this product I was pleased, it made my skin look so nice and smooth. At first I was worried though because I didn't choose the shade and it looked quite pale, even for my skin tone, but it worked fine! The powder as mentioned above doesn't have a high coverage and won't cover up any spots but if you have slightly blotchy skin like me then it should cover that right up and give you a flawlessly even skin tone. It is best applied with a big powder brush although you can use a sponge. The product is meant for over foundation and acts great on its own for those lighter coverage days as well. 

Before:                               After:                                                                                                                      
This product is however retailed at £20.50 and is very expensive, although in it's defense it is the best powder I have ever used and I will definitely consider buying it again when this one runs out! It does everything it's meant to do and with a little bit of concealer you can't go wrong.

One last thing to mention... my Sephora makeup remover is running out and I need a new one, anyone use any good ones they can recommend me? 

Ditzy Doll xxxx

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Review: Benefit Mascara

They're Real in black

Yet another mascara review for you today ;)... When I first heard about this mascara coming out I really wasn't interested and just passed it off as another one of Benefit's faulty over priced products (not everything is but some products from benefit are shockingly bad for the price they are sold at) until I saw an American shopping channel talking about it, explaining the product and what it does, and when they put the 'before and after' photos on the screen I was blown away, the difference was mind blowing. The person's eyelashes were so long and separated and just generally amazing!! It was like the mascara I have been looking for all these years and I had finally found it! So straight away it went on my christmas list... sadly to my dismay come christmas day I didn't get it... luckily not long after christmas I have my birthdaay so I asked for it again and my Gran gave it to me along with 'watt's up' (review to follow soon) I was so happy and couldn't wait to try it out! One thing I love about this mascara is the little quote on the back of the bottle 'beyond mascara' I thought this was a nice enticing touch.
 The first time I used it I really wasn't blown away by it's effect but as I've used it more and more my love for it has increased and compared to my other mascaras it definitely goes that little extra step. As I said in my previous post, I am very picky about my mascaras and still haven't found that dream mascara  I need but this is the closest yet. According to Benefit this mascara is supposed to add length, curl, volume, lift and separation. As you can see in the photos below it definitely adds length which is fantastic!! It adds a small amount of curl but not masses, you would have to use a lash curler before hand for a proper curl! It gives great definition and separates my lashes brilliantly. The one downfall for this mascara is that it doesn't add volume to my lashes at all. If anything it thins them out... overall though thats ticking 3 boxes and a half out of 5 so benefit is sticking to its words well... can't say this happens a lot though... you can also see it compared to another benefit mascara that I'm sure you all know about 'BAD gal lash' now to me these mascaras look pretty much the same in these pictures...

Before:                                                                                        After:

Compared to Bad Gal Lash:

This product lasts pretty much all day with little fall out, although you do lose that length and curl by the end of the day. All in all this product is really good and definitely up there in my top three mascaras. It costs £18.50 and only comes in black for the time being, this is by far the most I've ever spent on a mascara and it is ridiculously expensive but I would buy it again as it does perform well and does pretty much everything it's said to do.

What are your top three mascaras?

Till next time,
Ditzy Doll xxxx

Monday, 16 January 2012

Review: L'Oreal Volume Million Lashes

in black

When I first heard about this mascara when it came out a couple months back I HAD to get my hands on it! So the next time I went shopping I picked it up! Now this mascara is supposedly meant to volume your lashes like you've never seen before... hence the name, volume million lashes. It also has a built in 'anti-clump wiper' to remove any clumps on the brush as you pull it out of the bottle. I have to say, this works! When I look at the brush before application there isn't a clump in sight!!

So the first time I used it I wasn't blown away but I definitely liked it! I have to say, I'm very picky about mascaras and tend to pick out the bad points rather than the good! It is absolutely clump free and it definitely added definition but I cant say it added volume... it actually reduced the amount of eyelashes I have by joining them together so yes my eyelashes were 'bigger' but there weren't as many of them as I would have hoped! Here are some pictures of it's effect...

Before:                                                                        After:
Compared to Benefit They're Real:

As you can see 'They're Real' by benefit adds more length and definition but 'Volume Million Lashes' definitely adds more volume but still not a lot.... this product does last really well though and has little fall out during the day. It is priced at £11.29 at boots and is definitely worth it, I would definitely buy this product again and again and it is up there in my top mascaras!

Thanks for reading,
Ditzy Doll xxxx

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Review: Mac Eyeshadow

Mac eye shadow in charcoal brown matte and Mac paint pot in painterly

So just after christmas me and my sister went to a Mac store to get makeovers for new years eve and I picked up two eyeshadows. The woman doing the makeovers said that their paint pots are supposedly meant to last 8 hours without creasing if you use them as a base to any eyeshadow - better then their eyeshadow primer. When told these things you always have to take it with a pinch of salt because make-up companies will always try and get you to buy their products by saying things that aren't necessarily true...but I liked the colour and the effect so much that I decided to get it, along with a powder eyeshadow (paint pots have a cream formulation) 

Okay so my first impressions were good, I loved the soft creamy formulation of the paint pot and the eyeshadow gave a really good pigmented colour when swatched on my hand (as you can see below). The name, however, confuses me...when I think of charcoal I think of a very dark grey/black colour and this being called 'charcoal brown matte' would make me think it would be a very dark almost grey brown but instead it is a relatively light soft brown, for me I prefer this but I don't really know why they chose to call it this..As for the paint pot in the container its a very mid tone nude with a hint of peach, when swatched it gives an almost champagne colour and it loses that peach and gains more of a brown but it is otherwise very pigmented! It has very nice soft feel and isn't too heavy, although this is a nude colour and I can imagine their more coloured ones to be a lot heavier in colour. Here are some swatches..

Left: Paint pot in painterly  Right: Eyeshadow in charcoal brown matte

Now for the lasting effect of these products, the paint pot lasts all day without creasing which makes me very happy and pleased with the product. For the eyeshadow, I've never tried the colour on it's own without the paint pot as a base so I cant tell it's lasting effect for when it's on it's own but with the paint pot as a base the colour will last all day! However it doesn't stay put, by the end of the evening it will have smudged and faded a little so keep the pot and some makeup remover handing for a touchup. The colour can be applied lightly for a slight tint of brown on heavily for a darker full on brown. Both products, due to being from mac, are on the pricey side at, £12 for the eyeshadow and £14.50 for the paint pot. I think the paint pot is definitely worth it! It's a great product that lasts all day and gives your lids that healthy glow! Whereas for the shadow, I wouldn't recommend buying it, it's not an amazing product that blew me away and there for with the price being £12 it would be a lot more cost effective to get a drugstore product rather then one from mac. 

Hope this helped,
Ditzy Doll xxxxx 

Saturday, 14 January 2012


Hey guys, so I'm a total newbie to this whole blog buisness but I really wanna get into it and give you guys as much beauty advice as I can give! Im gonna start blogging about products I have used and tried out and how I feel about them, new products I've heard about that I want to try and my monthly favourites! So please follow for a adventure full of beauty and fun!!
...sorry to be cheesy...

DitzyDoll x x x x